Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Anti Engagement Ring

So last night my bestie and I were talking about all our friends who are getting engaged at the moment and Face-bragging like there's no tomorrow.  

In the middle of this discussion, Emma folds her arms and declares suddenly, "I'll get married, but I'm not having a ring or anything."

For me, a ring is one of the oldest symbols of love we have.  But I understand why Em doesn't want one, she's always done things just a bit differently than anyone else I know. So when I saw this ring, I immediately thought of her. It's like the anti engagement ring.  

Firstly, the diamonds are black.  Which is a little bit rock and roll, like Em.  Secondly, if you look closely, the diamonds are actually inverted, with the pointy side sticking out.  Which makes it a little bit tough, also like Em.

So well done to Alex & Chloe for creating a ring that kind of sticks its middle finger up at other rings.  Buy through Alex & Chloe for US$680.

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