Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tibetan Vow of the Four Immeasurables

Something I've become really interested in now that I'm not working (other than blogging obsessively about Shiny Pretty Things), is how I can help others. I've finally decided where I want to volunteer and I'm looking forward to starting there in the next month.

Which is why, when I saw this pendant, I forgot my limited income and nearly succumbed to the dangerous TIP (Total Impulse Purchase) even though once a old Chinese numerologist told me if I wore gold bad things would happen. My thoughts are, bad things might happen if I don't get this necklace.

The symbol is The Tibetan vow of the ‘Four Immeasurables’ encourages us to focus our attention on helping others. The vow is engraved in Tibetan on this 10k gold disc which is set with single diamond in the center. 

Unfortunately the price is incredibly measurable at US$700 from Me & Ro.  Still want it though.

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