Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Most Interesting New Talent

Boy do I love finding new talent.  Even though this is a relatively new blog, you do tend to see the same names come up quite often.  Which is why when I find something new and amazing, I can't wait to post on it.

Gregory Lynn (Rocky) Hard (yes, I see it too), has had a most interesting life - from riding across Afghanistan aged 18 to making a film with Jean Lac Godard and studying metallurgy with North American Indians.  

This "Burning Water - Metamorphosis" pendant is more like a piece of art than jewellery. If you look closely at the citrine stone, you can see a face of a man and woman carved in cameo.  The fluid metal design is composed of 18K white, yellow and green (?!?) gold.  

It's a one of a kind piece and a beautiful manifestation of Rocky's vision.  Buy from Etsy for US$8,660.


  1. Very interesting, energetic piece. Your description helps draw attention to the details I would have missed because I'm always in a hurry when I glance at jewelry. The photo for some reason didn't draw me in -- maybe it needs more clarity or something, so that people are compelled to look more closely.
    Andria from EtsyLounge (

  2. Hi Andria,

    Yes, I agree, I would like to see the piece in situ (on a neck!) to really get a feel for it. Something about the way the wire was with the stone had me hypnotised though!

    Lisa Blaise