Thursday, July 23, 2009

Co-sign Chanel? You Betcha!

I've always been aware that my friends see me as the ultimate co-signatuary for any expensive (but necessary) items. Seriously, if you need someone to tell you to buy those Chloe over-the-knee boots even though you just lost your job (AND make it sound like a sensible idea) then I'm your woman.

However, I found out today that my friends are also beginning to use me as a "Shopping Benchmark". For example, my friend Lynette said she had fallen in love with a Chanel ring. Unsure of whether $6,000 was too much in the middle of a global economic crisis, she said to herself "Well, if Lisa can justify the Roberto Cavalli jacket, then this is fine."

In my book, if it's Chanel, then don't even ASK.  As I continue to reinforce with the b/f, Chanel is an "appreciating asset".  (It's my asset and I appreciate it).

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