Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fendi Cuff

Last year around this time I was lying on a beach in Santorini.  It was the most amazing holiday and my b/f and I spent a lot of early evenings walking through Fira looking at all the little boutiques and admiring the jewellery.

There's a design in Greece that you see on a lot of rings and whenever I see it, I'm transported back to that amazing holiday.  The Fendi logo is very similar to this design, so when I saw this cuff, I immediately got all dreamy-eyed. 

Not only that, but how amazing would this cuff look with a simple white dress, sandals, a kick-ass tan and hair that's still a little bit wet from the beach and scraped into a messy bun.  


Double sigh.

Buy from Net-a-Porter.  

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